The Importance Of Environmental Research

Environmental Research

Environmental ResearchFor a lot of people, there is very little attention given to the relevance of environmental reseach and how it affects not just the human race but the entirety of the residents of the planet. Only a handful of the general populace understand the importance of being informed with the state of the environment. Simply being armed with basic information is a good enough start to have everyone involved with doing their responsibilities with efficient coexistence with everything on earth. This sad remiss of doing our part in understanding the planet that we live in is indicative of how most of us don’t really care about the huge impact that we humans contribute.

Environmental studies tackle a broad range of topics that belong in four basic components

All of which are equally important to understand. The four basic components of environment are: atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Each of these component is comprised with their own multitude of specific field of studies. These components provide humans and all other creatures with the necessary life support to survive.

The biosphere is where all living things are found

The different biomes such as deserts and rainforests house diverse ecology of living beings that interact with one another. The food that provides nutrients and sustenance to each living being is provided by the environment. The intricately interconnected food web in itself is an amazing thing to behold. The hierarchy of plants and animals comprise of different patterns of prey, predator, grazers and plants. Understanding the coexistence of the interconnected entities will help us analyze the hows and whys of how plants and animals are distributed in their respective locations. Understanding the food web also helps us recognize tell-tale signs of plant and animal species that are about to become endemic. Analyzing their interaction with other entities in their local ecology might warn us in advance.

The thickest layer among these components is the lithosphere

It is comprised of the earth’s crust and all the way toward the molten core. Initially, one may think of lithosphere as a through and through solid composition. However, this is not the case as the deeper the layer gets, the more molten rocks and minerals are to be found. Atmosphere is the layer of air that blankets above the other layers. The further out to space the atmosphere is, the thinner the air it has until it eventually ends and then outer space follows.

The hydrosphere covers a very large area of the earth and houses a lot of sea creatures. Most of them are still undiscovered by scientists.

Doing a little bit of reading on these things and genuinely taking up concern and eventual action will help a lot. If everyone took interest in environmental research, more and more scientists and researchers will pursue with gathering more knowledge that might help not only humans but the earth itself.

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